Thursday, July 1, 2010

Who am I?

Our little goob is 14 months old and I must say it has been an adventure so far. She refuses to sit still- even for a matter of seconds. I assumed that this was normal until I saw all of the other kids her age, sitting on parent's laps during sacrament meeting while Aliyah is running back and forth across the gym yelling loud enough to create an echo before the opening song even begins. I tried bringing a peanut butter sandwich but it didn't help-- I just caught Bryan sneaking a mouthful when he thought I wasn't looking. However, I must say that I have been more upset (and semi-offended) by Aliyah's sudden interest in linguistics. She loves her "Dad" and talks about him nonstop. She has learned to "moo" at cows and even makes a monkey noise when she brings me her favorite book. She DOES NOT get that I AM MOM. She thinks "mom" means food. The only time she says "mom" at all is when she is hungry and looking in the cupboard. She has no words for me. When she wants my attention she makes a horrible, short, ear-splitting, high pitched scream. When I do not respond, she proceeds to throw her little body on the floor and kick and scream. My oh my, where did she learn this? Maybe I will try to teach her to just call me Chera. That way no one will be sure if the screaming, running, pushing, biting, cute little hooligan is mine.